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We are committed to customer service. First Aid saves lives. Applying the best First Aid early gets the casualty back on the road. Contact us today to get started.

Prefer small classes?

Don't like being in a large group?  We love teaching to classes of even 1 or 2.   Sometimes the introverts in us get more out of training this way. :-)

Years of Experience

We have been teaching First Aid since 1992.

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We are dedicated to providing high quality Australian accredited courses and material ensuring you will be prepared and be confident in the event you need to apply your first aid skills

Learn First Aid And Cpr TraininG


Our training material includes the latest range of Preston CPR manikins ensuring students are aware of the rate of compressions at all times.

We specialize in giving courses at dates and times that suit you, your family and your business in ACT Canberra Australia. We provide  high quality courses in a fun and relaxed environment are two reasons why we succeed as a company so you can learn first aid.