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About Us 

Canberra First aid Gungahlin

Reliable People

We’re real people, just like you. Our process is simple: we take the time to get to know you, and we always keep your best interests in mind. At Gungahlia First Aid Training and Supplies, our primary focus is to leave you smiling and satisfied. 

Canberra First aid Gungahlin

Quality Work

To us, doing the right thing is the only thing. While it might be a mantra for us, it’s not always the case with others.

 We are committed to providing high quality Australian accredited courses and material ensuring you will be prepared and be confident in the event you need to apply your first aid skills​

Canberra First aid Gungahlin
Canberra First aid Gungahlin

We love teaching to small classes 

We have been teaching First Aid since 1992.    As an accredited trainer and provider organisation, we provide professional training in a wide range recognised first aid courses in partnership with PADI RTO


​To provide quality courses that is value for money and in an environment that suits you and/or your organisation.  We want you to remember us. We want you to walk away satisfied. Most of all, we want to build a relationship with you that lasts. We’re here to do the right thing for you so that you feel confident in your decision to work with us. 

Testimonial (feedback from courses)

"The course was by far the best I have done. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made it enjoyable while still covering all the components required. They were flexible in course times and worked around my work schedule. I highly recommend you use this local company if you need to obtain or renew first aid qualifications. They are a fully accredited training organisation."  by SP August 2015